How to Order Website Content

How to Order your Static and Dynamic Page Content

Now the Keywords are Selected you need to Order Static and Dynamic Content. A good way to oder website content is to select from an Article writing service such as Constant Content, Text Masters or Textbroker will work and these are great 3rd party resources. A good recommendation is to build an Article Writing Team so that you have specific authors that specialize in writing specific topics. Remember to work with your Authors and help them write your articles, providing reference pages will always help the author describe the product or service.

Of course it is always best to write your own website content since you are the Guru in your Service or Product. If you are unable to write your own content these 3rd Part content creation sites will help save time and are a good source for you to order your website content.

Rules for Creating Content

  • Each Static Article estimate cost is $10-12 and should be 400-600 Words.
  • Dynamic Content estimated cost $6-9 and article should be 300-500 Words.
  • You should make your Targeted Keywords your Focus for the Articles.
  • Always provide reference sites for your Authors to learn more about the product or service before they write the articles.

Remember when ordering your website content it is important to be informative with your author and allow them a reference website or research reference link. This will allow the author to better write your content. Authors are an important part or SEO and creating a strong working relationship with your authors or author team can help provide consistent quality of you website content.

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