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Welcome to Nine0Media, Web Services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Solutions and Social Media Management. Nine0Media can develop and design your custom Website, provide the best pricing on Domain Names and even offer multiple Hosting Plans. Nine0Media will develop your Website right here in Southern California. You can work directly with the developer and designer to personalize your Website. Start your online business, personal blog, e-commerce store or even a customized social media campaign today!


buddhi-yogaOwners Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll opened Buddhi Yoga in 2014 to create a special place where all types of people could come together to enjoy the many benefits of a consistent yoga practice. While some studios request silence in the room before class, at Buddhi we love the bustling sounds of everyone talking and sharing. To us they reflect the love and friendship that grows in our community day after day. Buddhi Yoga is committed to providing outstanding classes and workshops taught by San Diego’s best teachers. Nine0Media customized a personal content promotion plan, SEO plan as well as a pay per click plan to meet BuddhiYoga budget. Now BuddhiYoga has 15 Keywords ranking on Page 1 Google.


lguapogreengolguapogreengo is a multi-talented musical genius in San Diego Ca that came to Nine0Media looking for website design as well as online presence. Nine0Media was able to work directly with lguapogreengo to create a custom logo for branding and a custom responsive WordPress theme to display the beautiful art as well as musical talents of lguapogreengo. Once the website of lguapogreengo was created, we were able to develop lguapogreengo online presence with social media posts and a powerful Youtube following. Nine0Media customized a personal content promotion plan as well as a custom SEO plan to meet Lguapogreengo’s budget. Now Lguapogreengo has 6 Keywords ranking on Page 1 Google.


SedohrClothingOur clothing and merchandise are inspired by action sports, art by local artists and monster themes. These are the core of Sedohr designs. Sedohr is a premium, lifestyle brand designed for a wide range of customers. Nine0Media customized a WordPress Theme to meet SedohrClothing’s budget.

American Headstones

allheadstonesAmerican Headstones is located in Orange County California. Locally owned and operated American Headstones was having difficulties keeping up with their major competitors. Nine0Media customized a personal content promotion plan, social media management plan as well as a pay per click plan to meet American Headstones budget. Now American Headstones has 23 Keywords ranking on Page 1 Google.


vitalyteForty years ago our founder, Bill Gookin, had a vision. He wanted to provide athletes world wide with a healthy alternative to the high sugar high sodium sports drinks that were on the market. Bill being the biochemist he was, put on his lab coat and started analyzing, researching, tinkering and thinking. Finally he emerged with what would be the world’s first true isotonic sports beverage. Our dedicated founder had created a formula that was glucose based and low in sugar and sodium. His new drink was different than any other sports beverage and he knew his concept might not be openly accepted because it was different. But Bill never really cared much what other people thought. What he really cared about was helping people and bringing the consumer a product that really was effective. So he went to work spreading the good word about his drink he named “Gookinaid.” Nine0Media customized a personal content promotion plan, SEO plan as well as a pay per click plan to meet Vitalyte’s budget. Now Vitalyte has 10 Keywords ranking on Page 1 Google.

Practical Karate

practical karatePractical Karate is a local San Diego martial arts institute. Located in San Diego, Practical Karate had to compete with some of the major brands in martial arts. Nine0Media helped Practical Karate re-design their website to meet Google Webmaster Guidelines. Once Nine0Media established proper website structure, Nine0Media implemented a White Hat SEO program that geo-targeted only keywords that Practical Karate wanted to be found for. Nine0Media has also performed Social Media Management for Practical Karate. Practical Karate is now ready for the up coming Google Knowledge Graph and has a mobile friendly website with proper site structure. Practical Karate now has 21 Keywords that rank on Page 1 Google.


IronCrossSurfboardsIron Cross Surfboards is a family owned and operated Surf Shop. Jeff and sons Jay and Gino run the shop. When Jeff and Jay are not at the factory working on their boards you’ll find them at the store talking boards. Also carrying locally made Sunny Sky’s Bikinis, which have been a local staple in Cardiff for over 35 years, they have a large assortment of the finest quality hand made bikinis. Having roots in Cardiff since the 1960’s, the Grygera family couldn’t imagine a better location than where they grew up surfing and enjoying the beach themselves. Nine0Media customized a WordPress eCommerce website as well as an SEO plan to meet IronCrossSurfboard’s budget. Now IronCrossSurfboards has 10 Keywords ranking on Page 1 Google.

Glazed Images

glazedimagesGlazed Images is located in Dana Point California. From the early stages of Website Development to SEO implementation to the Social Media Management, Nine0Media has provided custom packages to meet all aspects of Glazed Images web presence. Nine0Media researched the targeted keywords and helped develop the branding for Glazed Images to correctly meet the SEO and SMM target markets. Now Glazed Images ranks for 10 Keywords ranking on Page 1 Google Yahoo and Bing.