Google Update: New Mobile Friendly Browsing on Mobile Devices

New Google Update: Is your Website Mobile Ready

Here we go again, looks like Google will be releasing an update sometime with in the next 48 hours expected to be live by April 21st, 2015. Author Cindy Crum over at explains the Google update in depth as well as provides “9 things you should know about Google’s Mobile Friendly Update“. The New York Post also provided an in depth article on what to expect from the update and how to see if your website is mobile friendly enough for Google.

How to Prepare for Mobile Friendly Browsing

Here at Nine0Media we suggest that you make sure all websites are converted to at least HTML5 or a Responsive Theme. If a complete website overhaul is out of your budget there are simple services such as Duda Mobile that allow you to mobilize your website with just a 3rd party service. At Nine0Media we highly suggest viewing all websites on a mobile phone and a Tab just to confirm all mobile code is compatible. Here is a tool provided by Google to help analyze your website and see if you are mobile friendly ready – Google Mobile Friendly Test.


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