DIY SEO for Small Business for under $100 per Month

SEO Consulting with Nine0Media Nine0Media is your all in one SEO Consulting Service company in San Diego. Nine0Media provides Full Service, Basic Service and DYI SEO Service plans to meet every budget. Call Nine0Media at (858) 212-3690 for a Free Quote or to speak to an SEO Consultant for a custom SEO plan. Below are …

Is your Website Mobile Design Search Friendly, Need a WordPress Expert

Nine0Media, WordPress Experts and HTML5 Development and Design The perfect website for your company would be one that can generate the type of traffic that converts into Business. To generate that kind of traffic, these days you need to develop/design for the Standard User as well as the Mobile (Ipad or Phone) User. In order …

Quality Content, Social Media Presence and Positive Reviews can Keep you Above The Rest

The Importance of Social Media Management

It’s a fact that that there has been some turbulence when it comes to the Google algorithm updates lately. Mozcast displays this well with a Temperature reading and displays the turbulence with temperature fluctuation. Make sure to bookmark that and keep them on your daily radar. Mozcast is very accurate and a great resource. Continue reading “Quality Content, Social Media Presence and Positive Reviews can Keep you Above The Rest”

Refresh your Sitemaps so the Halloween Spiders can Crawl

Have you Updated and Submitted a New Sitemap, Refresh your Sitemaps

Just a friendly reminder from Nine0Media, don’t forget to refresh your Sitemaps and submit them to your Webmaster tools. The SERPS love an updated Sitemap and being consistent on Sitemap submissions is very important. Google and Bing make it very easy to submit through Webmaster tools. Continue reading “Refresh your Sitemaps so the Halloween Spiders can Crawl”

Can Google help Optimize your Local Business Listing

Using Google for a Local Business Listing A local business listing is an excellent tool to use when looking for a particular type of business. A local business directory offers a large number of categories of businesses that are in different fields and in various niches. A local business directory can help a person find …