Do you want to find profitable Niches and use the same SEO Keyword Research Tool as Internet Marketing Ninja’s? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Are you looking for quality Organic traffic? If so, then here are 5 Things you should know about Keyword Research tools.


White Hat SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization can be performed in many different ways. The basic White Hat SEO techniques begin with good website content and the proper code.

First, all web pages need a Title and a Description that explain the website as well as all products and services. All images on your website need to have Alt tags and all Alt tags should match the saved file name. One of the most important parts is that all Keywords need to be placed on each page that you want to rank. Each page can have its own unique set of Keywords. Also, It is good practice to never set more than 21 Keywords or phrases per webpage.

Second, selecting the correct Keywords can be very difficult. Keywords are selected with many conditions set in place. It is good practice to use a Keyword Generating Tool that will show you the Competition for that Keyword or Phrase. Also, you always want to be able to view that keyword or phrases Local and Global Searches. This will help you determine which keywords will work best for the target audience.

Third, you can select different Keywords for all ranking pages. This means that you should select Keywords that are appropriate for the corresponding webpage. This will help target an audience for that individual webpage.

Fourth and finally, you want to do research on the correct Keywords for your website. For example, Long Tail Keywords are great for targeting a Local audience and negative Keywords can help with ranking and website competition. Try to select Keywords that relate to your website and always try to use Keywords that focus on your Niche Market.

So for your best results in Search Engine Optimization, use a Keyword Research Tool to make your SEO count! Remember that using the incorrect Keywords can damage your search engine rankings. Using the correct Keywords can ONLY improve your website ranking and website quality!

By: Brandyn Garske

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