How to Correctly Create your Social Media Accounts

Now it is time to create your Social Media Accounts. The main Social Media accounts we at Nine0Media will be focusing on will be (Google+, Twitter, Youtube). These 3 Social Media accounts are the only Social Media accounts that we will be focusing on and will use for the DIY SEO plan and knowledge base.

Setting up a Social Media account can be a bit timely and will require you to have a your complete company or organization information. It is very important to fill out the Social Media profiles completely. We at Nine0Media can not stress this enough. Completing the complete profile in your Social Media account can be the difference between a Standard Post and a Social Signal. Setting up a complete profile will allow the Google Knowledge Graph to associate your website to your Social Media Account. A Social Signal is when you incorporate a website link or reference link with in your Social Media post. This link back to your website or reference website will then inter become a Social Signal. Social Signals are import when providing a direct informational source for your post as well as drive organic traffic to your website or blog post. A Standard Post is when you Post to your Social Media account with text and include only text or a hashtag. Social Signals are more powerful than a Standard Post but make sure not to post too many Social Signals, your users or followers might take it as spam!

Reminders when Setting up Social Media Accounts

  • Always fill out the Account Profile completely.
  • Always set reference links back to your Website products or services with in your Account Profile.
  • Always use include a Profile picture as well as a background image when available.
  • Always modify the Account URL to match your Website Brand or Website Name

Here is an example of a Twitter account when all account profile information is filled out completely:


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Article is written by Brandyn Garske of Nine0Media