Is there a Correlation Between Higher Search Rankings and Google +1s

Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings

I read a very interesting Article the other day at Seems the brilliant PHD’s at might have found a correlation between Google +1 and Higher Search Rankings. created a “Mean Spearman Correlation” chart. Using the current ranking factors like; Page Authority, Google +1s, # of Linking Root Domains, Facebook shares, likes and comments, was able to show a shocking correlation. Seems there is some “Juice” behind those silly Google +1s. I would not go so far to say these are the new backlink, but I am not surprised to see a correlation between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings.

I mean lets be honest, Google loves to see an entity or business be very transparent and socially active with their users and or clients. So why not reward those who stay socially active and especially help Google capture content a long the way.

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