Some say SEO is Dead, Nine0Media says White Hat SEO Pays Off

Is SEO Dead, Are Backlinks still Relevant?

Recently I have been asked, is SEO Dead? My answer is very simple and precise, “No, White Hat SEO pays off, now More than Ever”. White Hat SEO, or true Organic SEO is a simple method, and is paying off more that ever with the recent Penguin 4 and Google Knowledge Graph updates.

Some simple practices you can do to perform White Hat SEO are; Clean up your Website Structure (a Silo Style format for Content Organization is preferred here), Provide Quality Content for your readers with very little to no external links (if your Content is Relevant and High-Quality then extensive Linking can actually hurt your Content), Clean up Sloppy Code (make sure to pay attention to your Text/HTML ratio), and Stay Active in Social Media (Post with Social Signals 2-3 times per week). These are just some simple practices to help you with White Hat SEO and White Hat techniques that can possibly help your Organic ranking.

Some websites are seeing an impact in dramatically decreased traffic and “wiped off the map” organic ranking due to the recent Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm updates. There are many contributing factors that can cause these negative impacts but the bottom line is if you practiced any form of Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO (normally with extensive linking) then you will soon if not already see the impact from the Google Panda and Penguin updates. The Web Spam clean up is real and officially upon us. As we at Nine0Media have preached for many years now, White Hat SEO can take triple the amount of time, but the results are organic and powerful!

In conclusion, SEO will never Die, but you might see a major shift to White Hat ONLY SEO, with a small morph into website structure with quality content management. Looking forward to what Google has in store for the future – here we come Knowledge Graph!

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